GB Investigazioni provides investigative services, designed to dispel doubts and to protect his clients’ rights, in a personal or professional environment, gathering evidence that put his customers in a privilege position in court. At corporate level, the equivalent objective is to protect the company’s assets, preventing damage to the activity in terms of illegal conduct, prejudicial to the customer’s company, providing more evidence to be used in court.

GB Investigazioni also performs criminal investigations with mandate by a lawyer and by the judiciary, also offering consultancy to the Courts of the State on evidence or data recovery in cases of pedophilia, drug or child abuse.


Business investigation, defensive or preventive, is at service of companies which need to verify cases of unfair competition, absenteeism, fake illness, trademark protection, non-competition agreement violation and other doubts regarding employees and shareholders who interfere with the correct business productivity. From a preventive point of view, it offers pre-hiring investigations or investigations about justified dismissal.
GB Investigazioni offers the following services:

> Industrial espionage
> Company Infidelity
> Reputational surveys.

GB Investigazioni also conducts wide-ranging investigations to gather evidence and environmental rehabilitation aimed at finding electronic equipment placed improperly and illegally by third parties. The technical report obtained can be used in court.


Commercial investigation aims to take care of cases concerning issues of shortages and goods shrinkage through information research and collection, obtained by commercial operation.
This preventive action includes a full range of anti-fraud services, including:

> Installations of electronic control devices (TVCC and shoplifting barriers)
> Video surveillance system
> Video alarm connected to control center
> Surveillance Staff

* M.D. 269 of 01/12/2010


Private investigation has the purpose to search and identify information required by a private individual, concerning family, matrimonial and property cases.
GB puts the best attention to the investigative process, protecting the customer and people involved, in order to give priority to rules compliance without forgetting the humanity and sensitivity related to “personal involvement”.
The evidence gathered in private investigations can be used in court. The areas of investigations mainly concern:

> Premarital research
> Marital Infidelity
> Foster protection and monitoring
> Foster care
> Capital surveys


Italian Law #397 (12/01/2000) disciplines defensive investigation inside the new Criminal Procedure, allowing the defense the right to use the figure of Private Investigator, duly authorized, to research and test evidence in order to demonstrate the trial truth, on customer’s behalf. In this context, GB Investigazioni searches and checks the evidence’s sources (witnesses, documents, appraisals, etc …) to better support its customer, both private and corporate, during the criminal proceedings.

> Reliable partners and employees control
> Installing control systems technology (TVCC)
> Environmental Remediation for electronics/telephone.