• Our one goal, the customer’s satisfaction

  • We offer a top quality service based on trust, quality and promptness

  • Transparency, confidentiality and reliability are our hallmarks

GB Investigazioni is an investigative agency with renowned and proven experience and professionalism guaranteed by its founders’ over twenty years expertise in the field. Officially licensed by the Prefecture of Milan, GB Investigations can guarantee the highest performance in the investigative operations thanks to certified procedures and by taking advantage of the most modern intelligence techniques utilized by a team of experts with a broad range of specialized skills.

Supported by the most technologically advanced devices, GB Investigazioni offers all assistance services, analysis and solutions, leveraging deep professional synergies with a consolidated network of branched contacts, and investing in regular personnel training. What makes GB Investigazioni a market Leader in his field are: the extreme transparency and confidentiality, results-oriented approach and the assurance of safety and reliability. Our only purpose and goal is the customer’s satisfaction for every kind of request: information, control and protection.

This process of engagement cannot be separated from a service characterized by utmost confidence, quality and timeliness. GB Investigazioni operates throughout the country and abroad, with a license issued by the Prefecture of Milan, both in civil and in criminal law.  
The consulting detective activity takes place only after the mandate approval, using the work of professionals employees regularly licensed in advance by the Prefecture (APS): 
only through this systematic process we can, guarantee our customer’s protection, in terms of privacy and also our agency’s legal protection.

The wide range of services meet the needs of all types of clients: individuals, professionals and corporations. The main customers are personalities from the sport and show-business environment, politicians, entrepreneurs in the entertainment field, industry and retail.